Glass fibre woven cloth suitable for surface finishing on model gliders, aircraft wings & fuselage.

1.1 metre wide, in a range of lengths. wets out easily.

49g glass fibre woven cloth, Ideal for models over 70" wingspan or over 10lbs all up weight.

Can be used in conjunction with Single-Part Coating System, Epoxy Resin or Polyester Resin.

Note: We recommend the use of rollers for applying activated epoxy resin to Ultra lightweight glass cloth on model aircraft wings and fuselage to prevent dragging the glass fibre cloth. Depending on the quantity of the activated epoxy resin applied to glass fibre woven cloth with a roller, may need the surplus activated resin removed with absorbent paper (toilet tissue roll) to save weight of the model. In the pre-cured state of the activated resin the absorbent paper does not stick and can be peeled away from the model easily before the curing process. Remember surplus resin is only going to add weight to the model so must be removed and only leave enough of the activated epoxy resin to stick the woven glass fibre cloth to the model.

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