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Building a foam model aircraft wing with Bucks modern building materials

An alternative to copydex latex glue for adhering balsa wood sheeting to a foam model aircraft or glider wings.

Covering a foam model for base layer for painting.

Guide to covering a foam model.Bucks-Composites modern building materials.

Guide to Strengthening a foam model

Guide to Strengthen a foam model with Bucks-Composites modern building materials of high strength and lightness.

Items needed:-

Building a simple aerofoil rear wing for a sports car

How to build a simple aerofoil rear wing for a sports car with Bucks-Composites materials.

Guide to Surface Finishing

How to cover a model aircraft wing and fuselage in these modern and lightweight materials and get an excellent finish.

Bucks Wing Joining & Repair Kit instructions

How to join a pair of model aircraft or glider wings together.

Wing Root Fairing for a model Aircraft

How to create a smooth, strong, light-weight, fillet between wing and fuselage for a model aircraft.

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