Wing Joining & Repair Kit instructions


Health and safety Note - Operate in well ventilated flame free area and use surgical gloves whilst handling epoxy resin. Avoid breathing vapours.

Please note Bucks-Composites epoxy resin does not attack foams white, pink or blue.

Butt join the two halves of the wing together with Epoxy Resin and Hardener or PVA glue. Ensure that the correct dihedral is achieved then leave to cure.

Using masking tape mask the wing just wider than the Glass Fibre tape on both panels top and bottom in the centre section.

The epoxy resin and hardener in there containers are measured to the correct ratio, but don't

mix together all of the resin and hardener in one go due to the heat build up.

Mix thoroughly together a small amount of the

Epoxy Resin and Hardener,

2 parts PART A (resin) to 1 part PART B (hardener) by volume and put into a tray (larger area).

It is very important to put the activated resin & hardener into a tray (larger area) to prevent heat build up and this will give you a longer pot life (working time). The pot life is about 50 minutes if put into a larger area to prevent heat build up.

Brush the activated resin onto the inside of the masked area.

Lay the glass tape on top of the Epoxy resin and Hardener on the inside of the masked area and with a resin spreader card smooth out any wrinkles.

Brush a further coat of activated Epoxy Resin onto the glass tape and allow time for the resin to saturate the glass tape fully.

Now the surplus resin needs to be removed by using a resin spreader card supplied in the kit, gently scrape the resin from inside the masked area and use absorbent paper to soak up the surplus resin.

Remove the masking tape and allow to cure. The cure time is 24 hours if left at room temperature.

The brush can be cleaned with Epoxy Thinners.


When repairing a glass fibre item then cut the glass fibre tape to the required size to reinforce the weak area, key the surface and degrease with Acetone or Thinners before applying a coat of activated epoxy resin. Now lay on the glass fibre tape onto the activated epoxy resin and stipple a further coat of activated epoxy resin through the glass tape and leave to cure in a warm environment.

The outside of the glass fibre moulding can be filled with a mixture of activated Epoxy resin + Hardener and Micro balloons, this makes a filler paste which when cured produces a strong, lightweight sandable filler.

Full cure can take 36 hours.