Postage and packing (P&P) costs are calculated based on the contents, and total weight, of each order which are added on at the checkout page.

Shipping by Order Weight

For most products, P&P costs are:

Package weight P&P cost
Up to 2kg £4.75
Up to 5kg £8.50
5kg to 6kg £10.00
6kg to 11kg £11.00
11kg to 16kg £14.00
16kg to 21kg £15.50
Over 21 kg £18.50

Higher-rate Items

Some products need special courier handling, such as those containing liquids.

Orders containing these products have a P&P cost of minimum £8.50 (Up to 5kg) starting point, otherwise P&P costs are as above.

Glass Fibre Cloth Only

Orders containing just glass fibre cloth, and weighing less than 450g, have a lower rate of £3.50 applied for P&P.  You can also choose to pay the standard £4.75 for tracked delivery.

Carbon Fibre Profiles

Carbon fibre rods, strips and tubes are posted in cardboard postal tubes due to length (1 metre long). These require separate P&P based on the weight of these products:

Tube weight P&P cost
Up to 2kg £7.50
2kg to 5kg £9.50
5kg to 10kg £10.50
Over 10kg £12.50


Catalogue Only

Orders containing just a colour product catalogue have a lower rate of £1.85 applied for P&P.

Shipping Times

Most orders are shipped within one to two working days of receiving the order.

Most orders are on a courier for delivery, usually for next working day after shipping.

Carbon Fibre Profiles are shipped on a courier which can usually take delivery 1 to 2 working days from after the order has been shipped.

Shipping Companies

We use Royal Mail & various couriers.