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Wing Root Fairing for a model Aircraft

Mask the wing with polythene from the centre of the wing outwards by 4 inches both sides.

Trim the lite-ply to shape and attach (clamp) the lite-ply into position on the bottom of the fuselage with epoxy resin and  hardener and leave to cure.

Mix a quantity of about 50ml of Bucks Formula GB Laminating Epoxy Resin with hardener (24 hour cure time).

Brush a small quantity activated epoxy resin to the surface area to where the fairing will be applied.

Put a small quantity Bucks super lightweight fairing compound into a clean mixing pot and add the activated epoxy resin to make a putty consistency.

With a brush or spatula spread the putty over the area where wetted with activated resin.

Work your way across the entire area.

With a filleting spatula remove the surplus putty and leave a gentle radius.

Check for surplus putty and remove.

Leave to cure at room temp for 24 hours before removing the polythene.

Other items: 
Polythene sheet (polythene bag).

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