Graduated Measuring / Mixing pots with spatulas in four sizes, 25ml and three types of 60ml pots.

25ml pots in 1ml increments.

60ml pots in 10ml increments.

60ml pots in 10ml increments with black writing.

60ml pots in 10ml increments, Tall & End of line.


25ml pots, ideal for measuring small quantity of epoxy resin and hardener. Also good for measuring catalyst for polyester resin or polyester gelcoat.

60ml pots, ideal for measuring epoxy resin and hardener.

60ml pots with black writing for easier to read.

60ml pots, ideal for measuring larger quantity of epoxy resin and hardener, When mixed, put the activated resin into a larger area to prevent  heat build up. Tall & End of line.


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