Feature Comparison

Property Plain Weave Twill Weave
Good stability Good Acceptable
Good drape Poor Good
Low porosity Acceptable Good
Smoothness Poor Acceptable
Balance Good Good
Symmetrical Excellent Acceptable
Low crimp Poor Acceptable
Cosmetics Good Excellent
Ease of use Excellent Good to Excellent


Plain Weave

Each warp fibre passes alternatively under and over each weft fibre. (Difficult to drape and high crimp impacts low mechanical properties).

Twill Weave

One or more warp fibres alternatively weave over and under two or more weft fibres in a regular repeated manner. This produces diagonal rib.
Superior wet out and drape, over plain, with only a small reduction in stability.
Reduced crimp gives smoother surface and high mechanicals.

To increase the pliability of any fabric, cut the fabric across on a bias of 45 degrees angle. Even the coarsest fabric will drape better over contours when cut this way.