Premium Masking Tape is designed to combine consistent unwinding, easy tear and conformability, performing extremely well when used tape on tape and with masking paper and protective film.

Masking tape is made with premium crepe paper with natural rubber base adhesive, specific for refinishing applications during drying cycles at high temperatures up to 110°C/230°F. It guarantees high adhesion and doesn’t leave adhesive traces when removed.

Features: High Performance natural rubber-base adhesive Saturated semi crepe paper Temperature Resistance up to 230° F. / 110° C. (30 min.) 194° F. / 90° C. (60 min.) Excellent adhesion & mechanical features Compatible with all popular paints and lacquers Excellent conformability on irregular surfaces.

Conforms well to curved surfaces without lifting or tearing Resists waterborne and solvent-based coatings Controlled unwind Easy clean removal without adhesive residues Sharp and clean paint edges.