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Model Coating & Laminating Epoxy Resin L285 & Hardener 285. (24 hour Cure Time).

Very good for wetting out very lightweight glass fibre cloth on models.

Compatible for use with Carbon Fibre, Aramid / Kevlar® & Glass Fibre.

A good Resin System for most applications from coating models to Laminating.

The resin and hardener pack comes with 2 mixing pots and 2 spatula's.

Note: We recommend the use of foam rollers for applying activated epoxy resin to Super or Ultra lightweight woven glass fibre cloth on model aircraft wings and fuselage to prevent dragging the glass fibre cloth. Depending on the quantity of the activated epoxy resin applied to glass fibre woven cloth with a roller, may need the surplus activated resin removed with absorbent paper (toilet tissue roll) to save weight of the model. In the pre-cured state of the activated resin the absorbent paper does not stick and can be peeled away from the model easily before the curing process. Remember surplus resin is only going to add weight to the model so must be removed and only leave enough of the activated epoxy resin to stick the woven glass fibre cloth to the model.

Use the Bucks 4 inch Nylon roller for applying larger amounts of activated epoxy resin and hardener to heavier weights of glass fibre woven cloth .

Low viscosity at room temp.

Easy measuring ratio.

Mix ratio by volume:-

    100 parts Resin to 50 parts Hardener (2 to 1)


Mix ratio by weight:-

    100 parts Resin to 40 parts Hardener (2.5 to 1)


250g resin & 100g hardener- net weight combined 350g

500g resin & 200g hardener- net weight combined 700g

  • Supplied with:-
  • 60ml graduated mixing pots qty 2
  • Spatulas qty 2


Take into consideration heat generation when mixing resin and hardener, once mixed put into a larger area this will prevent higher temperature build up and this will give you a longer pot life (working time). Never mix large quantity of resin and hardener.

  • Full depth cure / Non Waxy & Tack free finish
  • Pot life 50mins
  • Curing time: 24 hours at room temperature, followed by warm curing for 15 hours at 55 °C (recommended)
  • Winter time, always leave the Epoxy Resin and Hardener in a warm area to cure for 24 hours and never turn the heating off during winter time while the curing is taking place.

Also Foam Friendly.

Please select size of the resin & hardener from the menu below.

Product Safety Data: 
Packed weight: 
525 g

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